Rob Kerchner | Why They Took a Flier on Trump

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Last election, America had to take a flier on Donald Trump, because Hillary Clinton was reprehensible. Folks didn’t know if he’d keep his word, or do anything he promised. They just knew that if she got in, it’d be worse.

This election, America no longer faces that dilemma. Trump’s not only kept his word, he’s also presided over the most conservative administration in our lifetimes. More than that, he’s fought for conservativism in all forms, whether it’s originalist judges, tax reduction, ignoring race in favor of character, supporting religious freedom, fighting the mullahs, confronting China and Russia, rolling back the regulatory state, unshackling industry and energy, holding back illegal immigration, supporting law and order, or just saying things plainly, like a brash New Yorker always does.

On top of this, the Democrats have managed to put up the one guy they never wanted to…the fellow Barack Obama chose precisely because he was so unlikely to ever run for president, let alone make it through the primaries. That’s why Hillary never had to worry about Joe Biden. 

So cut through all the media spin and their 24/7 drumbeat (not to mention the political/bureaucratic vanguard, from Robert Mueller to phone call impeachments) and the direction is even clearer this time.

The harsh personality of the anti-politician was evaluated, and accepted, in 2016. Now it’s 2020, and the harsh personality has driven an actual honest-to-goodness pro-American policy…and that has driven the left absolutely bonkers. There’s no “first woman president making history” for them to count on this time, and the virus on which they banked their hopes (and dashed the economy) has faded away, leaving them nothing to offer but socialist envy and racialist strife.

It’s time to vote, America.

Rob Kerchner


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