Ron Jones | A Sign of Disrespect

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I ran up “The Beast Trail” off Highway 14 and Railroad Avenue today, which I do at least once per week. As I approached the trailhead parking lot on my way down, I noticed about eight different bags of dog poop right on the side of the trail — all the bags were new. Just a few yards down the hill, there are opportunities to dispose of the refuse properly. 

What does this say about our community? Is it just dog poop? Does it really matter? It’s just dog poop! Not really. Little things matter, especially when it comes to respecting those around you. I could not help but wonder about the daily behaviors of these dog owners beyond not picking up after their animals. 

How do they treat co-workers? Family members? People while dining or at the gas station? Does their inconsideration miraculously turn off when they leave the trail? According to Zen wisdom, it does not, because at least to some degree, how you do anything is how you do everything. Respect your neighbors and community — always… then watch other areas of your life improve, too, as well as the cleanliness of our SCV trails.

Ron Jones


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