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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Response to Paul Butler commentary, Sept. 12: 

I agree there is a virus going around, but COVID-19 is not as bad as you claim. Sure, if you look at the death-to-case percentage, the numbers in Sweden are higher. But that only addresses the likely outcome if you catch it. I am curious why you did not look at the death-to-population percentage (aka mortality rate), as this is the number that will tell you how “dangerous” it is out in the real world and the likelihood of a person dying from contracting the virus. 

Based upon recent data, Sweden’s virus mortality rate is 57 people per every 100,000 of the population. Contrast that with the U.S., whose current mortality rate is 60 people per 100,000. As a matter of a fact the rate is slightly lower. So while Sweden chose not to lock down and we here in the U.S. did, and the data proves that the measures we have taken have not reduced our rate of deaths. Similarly, Sweden’s actions have borne none of the crippling long-lasting damage of closing the entire economy down and subjugating the entire healthy population to a mass incarceration exercise in a vain attempt to “reduce deaths.” Rather the “lockdown” has ultimately resulted in countless numbers of people losing their jobs, their businesses and their homes, not to mention all the mental anguish. Sweden is clearly doing the best for the most. 

In this case, for the U.S. it seems the cure is worse than the disease. I urge you and everyone to check out the links below and do the research for yourself Freedom is what this country was built on and what keeps it from descending into tyranny. A reduction in our freedoms in the name of “reducing deaths” is clearly not working and is patently un-American.  

Finally, I would suggest watching the video link (, which presents a clear and sobering review of the COVID-19 numbers worldwide. 

Scott Ponegalek


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