Stephanie Sauer | A Chance to Reelect Integrity for COC

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Dr. Edel Alonso is running for a second term on the College of the Canyons board of trustees; reelecting Edel means reelecting commitment, leadership, integrity, experience and dependability.

Edel is the only educator on the board; with her multi-faceted years of experience she is an incredible asset to our community college. She has years of experience as both a college and high school counselor and professor, serving as chairwoman of the Counseling Department, president of the Academic Senate and most recently serving her first term on the board. The years of professional experience give her invaluable insight into different issues, needs and potential problems that she draws upon to inform and use within her decision-making process as a thoughtful, proactive, transparent board member.

Edel thoughtfully takes the time necessary to look at issues or problems from various perspectives, takes in pertinent information related to the issue at hand, whether the popular opinion or not, and makes only informed, fair, thoughtful decisions. She is diligent, asks questions, engages in educated and productive discussions.

The years of experience she brings with her only enhance the personal traits and qualities she bring with her. Edel has demonstrated consistently her ability and commitment to research, do the necessary leg-work, investigation, asking the tough questions during what we would now consider to be “normal” times— but even MORE importantly she has shown her capability to do so during the scary, uncertain, unprecedented times in which we currently find ourselves. She has been pivotal in addressing the issues brought about by COVID-19 when it started spreading. When the cards are down and things get complicated or messy, Alonso is exactly who you want on your side. More importantly, she’s who you NEED on your side.

Edel holds a fresh, knowledgeable, trustworthy, experienced perspective that is needed to help the college continue providing the education programs, various services and vocational training that our growing valley needs. Having Alonso serve a another term on COC’s board is such a needed presence that only enhances the incredible educational institution that the SCV is lucky to have. Edel serving on the board is absolutely a gift to everyone involved with and impacted by the college, and truly to our whole valley.

We need to reelect Edel Alonso for a second term on COC board of trustees, voting area 2.

Stephanie Sauer


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