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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Two weeks later… 

We have a new president-elect and vice president-elect. To be totally honest, I respect the OFFICES of the president and vice president, the leaders of this country and leaders of the free world. 

I don’t respect the man and woman who are moving into these offices… YET. I hope I will, remembering respect is EARNED, not given. Even though an election is won, actions speak louder than words. Most of the words I heard pre-election were anti-this or that, and wild promises that may or may not come to fruition. Even the president-elect and vice president-elect had some incredibly harsh criticisms of each other. Did all that magically wash away? Doubt it. Here’s their chance to earn respect and show what they can do for America. 

When Donald Trump won four years ago, I had my doubts (and wished someone would take away his Twitter account). Two things EARNED my respect. First, for once, a president saw this wonderful country as a BUSINESS. He saw how our debt skyrocketed, our trade agreements were advantageous to our partners more than the U.S., and how jobs and business were being lost through this trade while companies moved manufacturing to other countries. He made major strides during this presidency to bring back American jobs and American companies, while eliminating or reworking trade agreements to America’s advantage. 

Secondly, he wasn’t politically correct. Yes, I hear you now… that’s an understatement. But since when do we HAVE TO BE “Politically Correct”? Is there a law to that effect? Is it in the Constitution? Obviously, no. In not being politically correct, he managed to anger the media and anger many in this country. But in his way, he started cleaning house of the lobbyists, political hacks and such that lost the focus of working for a BETTER AMERICA instead of making themselves, their party or their company better. He wanted people to be accountable to the citizens of the United States. When they weren’t, he fired them and replaced them with someone better… for the nation. 

Kayleigh McEnany, for example, has been one of the most iconic, well-prepared press secretaries this nation has seen. She has epitomized being a straight shooter and calling out the press on incorrect and/or biased reporting. Judge Amy Barrett was ridiculously interrogated and yet stood strong, and during the inquisition, showed her “notes” to the panel, which was a blank sheet of paper. Again, a straight shooter and a smart “hire” by Trump to better this nation. Was she the politically correct choice? No, but the right person for the job. 

I have hopes that our new leaders embrace some of these concepts. That the media takes off the rose-colored glasses and reports on the good as well as the bad without bias. Finally, that we citizens of the United States hold each representative of our government, be it local, state or federal, ACCOUNTABLE for their actions, and in doing so, in a civilized way. 

Gregory Peskay


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