Internet Bingo: How to Organize a Bingo Night With Friends


Due to Coronavirus, even mundane things such as going to the movies or getting a cup of coffee with your friends in a crowded bar have turned into fiction. For almost a year now we have been forced to keep our distance, stay in our homes, and avoid even standing close to others. In some countries going outside was not recommended, while in some it was completely banned. In these crazy times, people have been compelled to find alternative sources of entertainment. Going to the movies was replaced by streaming, eating out turned into ordering in and playing games has moved online. Bingo fans who used to spend time in Bingo halls are now playing this game online. Luckily, there are so many platforms to choose from, such as this one here However, playing with strangers cannot be compared to playing with friends. If you are feeling a little bit lonely and you miss those game nights where you shared food and laughs with people you care about, why don’t you organize such an evening yourself? After all, in this day and age thanks to all those video conferencing apps, you can easily have fun with your buddies just as you were in the same room. If this sounds good to you, here are a couple of tips to help you out with planning. 

Find a suitable app

Although you won’t meet your friends face to face, you will meet in the virtual world, you just have to decide how. There are so many video conferencing programs that are compatible with phones, desktops, and even some smart TVs. You can use Zoom, which has been favored by companies and remote workers during 2020. It is completely free to use, you can add up to 100 users in a single call, but there are call limits. On the other hand, you have Skype, which is free as well and available on most devices. It supports up to 50 users per call, so it will do the job quite nicely. You also have a new program called Houseparty which is completely free, there are no limitations but you can invite only 8 people. If you are playing with just a couple of friends this app will do the trick, but if you are planning a larger get-together, you will need some other solution. 

Create the tickets

After you have chosen how many numbers you want to play (75, 90…) you can create the tickets using the online number generator. Your ticket can contain five numbers, or it can be as big as you want, your choice. There are also downloadable bingo cards available online, so you can use those instead. 

Choose the caller

Someone needs to be the bingo caller and that person won’t have a ticket. Their job will be to call out the numbers they will get through the number generator, make sure everything is in order and that the numbers do not repeat, and try to keep others entertained. One person should not always be the caller, take turns.  You can also adopt a rule where the winner of the game becomes the caller for the next.

Decide on the prizes

Of course, every winner should go home (or in this case stay home) with their prize. You can transfer money to another user through e-wallet platforms such as PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller, so the only thing you have to decide is whether the winner will keep the prize money or give it to a charity of their choice. If you don’t want to play for money, you can play for favors. For example, the losers have to wash the winner’s car or clean their yard. 

Have fun

Once you have chosen the software, created the tickets, named the caller, and decided what the prize shall be, you can enjoy the game just as if you were in a Bingo hall. 

Keep in mind that you will need to schedule a time that suits everyone and set reminders so that no one forgets about your agreement. 

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