Lois Eisenberg | A Delusional Epidemic

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

There is a massive problem in America, which is a delusional epidemic by the Trump “cult” that the Republicans are advocating.

It seems that no one is calling this out for what it is. Donald Trump being the leader of this group, also the senators, congressmen/women and regular citizens of this damaging “cult” of delusion is playing havoc with our democracy.

This narcissistic “cult” is getting more dangerous every day, and Trump, who is  mega-narcissistic, has cultivated this group.

Fear sets in when you are a narcissist and the truth and facts are not in one’s M.O. and who blindly believes the likes of Trump, who has distorted and wicked ways.

These people of this damaging “cult” are not living in reality, and by doing so they have become narcissists, and hopefully will come down from the clouds of delusion.

These unrealistic people have to separate themselves from their delusional thoughts, and let Trump go to the swamp of his making and fight the alligators instead of fighting our country and the American people.

These pitiful delusional people don’t believe in wearing a mask or social distancing, and they don’t believe in science.

These people should go into a detox program and put their efforts into coming back to reality and bring America back to normalcy.

God bless all Americans who are realistic.

Lois Eisenberg
Santa Clarita

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