Graying with grace


For some people, gray hair comes with age. And, men and women have spent much time, money and energy covering their gray heads of hair with various hair dyes. But now there’s a growing trend among people to embrace the gray.

The rate at which hair will turn to gray differs based on genetics and other factors. Some people may go gray seemingly overnight, while others may gray at the temples first before the rest of their hair gradually changes color. 

Aging women often wonder if they should cover up their gray hair or embrace the silver. However, going gray is no longer something that has women running to their stylists at the sight of the first gray strand.

According to a survey of hair trends by L’Oréal Professional, 28% of women embraced or considered opting for silver hair. And the trend has continued to gain steam.

Celebrities such as Jamie Lee Curtis and Helen Mirren were some of the first to embrace their grays. Younger celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Pink and Lady Gaga have opted for silver tresses to make a statement. 

However, there are a few things to know before you decide to embrace, or encourage, gray hair. Gray hair — especially hair close to the temples — tends to be coarser and more resistant to absorbing hair color than other hair.

It can be difficult to cover the gray hairs, and then once it is dyed, gray hair may end up showing through prematurely. As a result, many men and women have discovered it is more cost-effective to embrace their gray hair. 

Prepare mentally for gray hair

Hair does not generally turn gray overnight. Therefore, people must expect to live with the gradual change and insecurities that arise as hair starts to turn gray. This requires a certain measure of strength and perseverance.

Consider a major haircut

Sometimes the process can be sped along with a dramatic hair cut that removes much of the dead ends and hair that has not yet turned gray. 

Stop using color-care shampoos

Certain shampoos are designed to lock color in place. Those who want to go gray can use regular shampoos or clarifying shampoos that strip old hair dye from the hair shaft.

Switch over to a toning shampoo that leaves a bit of pigment to counteract brassiness in gray hair.

Consider a makeup swap, too

Transition makeup color to give the face a warmer, rosier glow. Avoid dark eye shadows, which can wash out a complexion.

With a few simple techniques, men and women can naturally transition to gray hair. (MC) 

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