Laurisa Reyes | A Double Standard on the Shutdown

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Today, Saturday, Jan. 9, a film crew blocked Alaminos Drive in Saugus with its many trucks, a boom, and dozens of crew members and law enforcement. I didn’t mind that so much as watching the 60-plus people milling about on the sidewalks and the streets while I sat waiting for nearly 10 minutes. Yes, most of them were wearing masks (and honestly, I’m not a proponent of mandatory mask-wearing), but there was NO SOCIAL DISTANCING. None. So, the rest of us can’t go to the movies, eat in a restaurant, or go to church. But these Hollywood elites (or wherever they’re from) can do whatever they want. If 60 of us regular citizens had gathered in public like that, I’m pretty sure the cops wouldn’t have just been directing traffic. 

It’s time to shut down the shutdown. 

Laurisa Reyes


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