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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Rep. Mike Garcia won his election by 333 votes. As such, a reasonable person might think he would strive to represent all the citizens of the 25th District. Instead, as his very first act as our elected representative, he signed up with the group of Republicans in the House that (challenged the Electoral College votes).

The reason some Americans remain unable to accept the results of the presidential election is directly related to the misinformation fed to them by political leaders such as Mr. Garcia. He cynically participated in undermining his constituents’ confidence in the most secure presidential election of our lifetimes. There was no significant fraud in this election.

The consequence of his actions was the madness and mayhem we witnessed that resulted in the deaths of five Americans, including a police officer bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher. Even after this violence, Mr. Garcia STILL remained a party to the attempt to disenfranchise millions of votes and voters. All for the sake of his own career.

As a military man one would assume Mr. Garcia understood service. He clearly demonstrated he does not. He proved as much when he tossed his integrity aside to participate in a cynical stunt that (preceded) the ransacking of our Capitol and the deaths of five Americans, including a police officer.

This voter is calling for Mike Garcia to resign his office effective immediately. If he chooses not to, it is up to us to force his removal. In two short months he has proven himself unfit to hold public office and unable to live up to the oath he took.

Mark Van Leeuwen


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