Max Morgan | Who’s Really the Worst AG?

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Letters to the Editor
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As a compulsive Signal letter writer and hater of all things Republican and Donald Trump, Lois Eisenberg (Dec. 23) should be more than happy with William Barr’s performance as attorney general. After all, Barr is the same attorney general who decreed there was no 2020 election fraud and has refused to appoint a special prosecutor to look into the influence peddling and corrupt business dealings of Hunter Biden. Both of those decisions should have pleased all Democrats, even Lois. Instead, let’s contrast William Barr’s judicial independence to the obvious political bias of Barack Obama’s two attorneys general, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

Eric Holder is the ONLY attorney general in history who has been ever held in contempt of Congress for his refusal to release documents proving that ATF agents, part of Holder’s Department of Justice,  provided thousands of weapons to Mexican drug cartels. One of them was later used to kill Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. As Obama’s self-proclaimed “wingman,” Holder is also the same guy who conducted a lackluster investigation, really a cover up, after Obama weaponized the IRS to target conservative groups for their tax-exempt status.

And then there’s Loretta Lynch, another of Obama’s appointed AG’s. At the height of the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server, Loretta Lynch just happened to cross paths will Bill Clinton on the tarmac of Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. Lynch would have us believe that they only discussed “grandchildren” and not the details of the Hillary Clinton investigation. Even James Comey, director of the FBI at the time and no friend of Donald Trump, wrote in his book that Lynch’s explanation did not pass the smell test. Bill Clinton, meanwhile, told reporters that he was in Phoenix to play golf. Yet, there was no record of him having done so.

So objective, non-partisan political observers would have to ask Lois, who, as she has recently written, “is the worst attorney general in history”?

Max Morgan


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