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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Enough is enough! I’m frustrated and extremely angry! While thousands of Americans die each day from the coronavirus, many Republicans continue to falsely challenge the results of the 2020 election. The president and vice president are AWOL with respect to their primary responsibility, which is to protect the health and the safety of all Americans. 

As L.A. County hospitals consider rationing health care, Rep. Mike Garcia is also AWOL. If you Google Mike Garcia and COVID-19, you’ll find his COVID-19 Resource and Information Center. Like most politicians, Garcia touts all the financial accomplishments for businesses as well as the $20 billion for production of vaccines and therapeutics, $8.75 billion for distribution of vaccines, and $3 billion for the national stockpile. While I’m all in favor of supporting our local businesses, I strongly believe we need to somehow control the virus before we can safely open stores, restaurants, movie theaters and schools.  

As any good politician, Mike attacked state politicians (i.e. Democrats) for worsening the crisis in an op-ed published in The Signal on Nov. 7 (“Sacramento Politicians Worsen Crisis.”). “Thanks to the cooperation of the American people, we’ve been able to accomplish that (i.e. flattening the curve), but seven months later, not much has changed for the folks in California’s 25th Congressional District.” 

Excuse me if I’m wrong, but I thought Mike Garcia represented California’s 25th Congressional District. California is in the midst of a catastrophic disaster that is killing tens of thousands of Californians. Somehow I missed the flattening of the curve. Perhaps we needed to borrow President George W. Bush’s banner, “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.” 

Although I make light of the situation, it’s only to brush off my depression and to calm my anger, for the COVID-19 pandemic is no hoax and no joke! Where’s Mike’s outrage that we have not received the vaccine because of Donald Trump’s inept, incompetent, and in my opinion, criminally neglect handling of the virus pandemic? I guess Mike is busy supporting Trump’s efforts to overturn the election. After all he was and I believe still is a Trump sycophant. Meanwhile, Trump tweeted, “Some states are very slow to inoculate recipients despite successful and very large-scale distribution of vaccines by the federal government. They will get it done!” 

According to the New York Times, as of Jan. 4, approximately 4.6 million people in the U.S have gotten a COVID-19 vaccine. Moreover, the New York Times lists the vaccine shares according to states such that California has received 1,866,075 doses while only 451,702 people have received shots. Wow, with a population of approximately 34 million, my wife, son, and I should get our vaccination within the next century. Congressman Garcia, may I suggest you and your fellow Republican Kathryn Barger get off your proverbial back sides and demand those idiots in Washington vigorously support the transition of power and work with the incoming Joe Biden administration to service and protect our democracy and the health and safety of all Americans before hundreds of thousands of more people die. Keep it simple, stupid. Vaccination is your top priority!

Rudolph Fillinger


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