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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

William S. Hart High School INDIANS.

This is what’s in a name.

Longevity. Pride. Loyalty. Honesty. Comfort. Integrity. Fame. Fortune. Familiarity. Togetherness. Friends. Name recognition. Tradition.

Since 1945 these have been the mainstay of ALL Hart graduates. Not mine — I came from out of town and married my wife almost 58 years ago and she is a Hart alumna, having graduated in 1957. It was the only high school in this valley at the time and doubled as a junior high school also.

Since 1960 every person I met who graduated from Hart High never spoke ill of the school or its faculty. Such a great tradition and good people from Hart High are among many of my friends. My wife is friends to so many that you would think that Hart High is the only game in town.

Hart High is so rich in tradition that it indeed needs mentioning. Looking back over the 75 years you must recognize the many athletes and accomplishments that blessed this campus. One comes to mind. And that is Joe Kapp. Interesting chap. Google the name if you don’t know him.

The countless men and women who went on to be successes in the world are too many to name. 

When talking with Hart graduates it is truly clear they are immensely proud of their years at the school. And so many teachers are heroes to the graduates. Mr. (Myron) Sproul was my wife’s English teacher. He went on to become the principal at Saugus High School while our son and daughter went there.   

The school is named after a very famous and old-time cowboy who lived locally, William S Hart.

The park at the south end of town is named after him and his home is on the hill over the park. A very generous and community-minded man, that Hart. For more information on Mr. Hart, Google him also.

So the object of this letter is for the school board (considering) renaming of Hart High’s logo, the Indians. I cannot believe that there can be any question about the name of the logo. It has been Hart High Indians since the school started in 1945.

And so, after all these years a few malcontents who were probably not even around at the time the Hart Indians came to pass are asking that the name be changed. No, I am absolutely against any name change to the proud Hart High Indians. If these malcontents don’t like the name, let them eat cake and get out of town. We are Hart High, not them.

Those people did not complain when one of the U.S. dollar coins was named after an Indian woman.

These naysayers just sit around on their lazy butts thinking up things to protest.

I urge the school board to look with pride on the history of William S. High School Indians and remember all the students and teachers who were and are still so proud of the Hart Indians, and please do not be swayed by their protests because the pride of Hart High outweighs their (objections). 

Hart High pride! The tradition is alive and well.

Just one citizen’s opinion.

Dick Cesaroni 


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