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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Imagine you own a large company, one so large, it requires many layers of management and supervision, all under the chief operating officer you have engaged to oversee the company. The company is so complex you must rely on all these people to make sure things run smoothly. The road is rarely smooth, and the bumps could be from wrong decisions, mismanagement, people leaving, worker unrest, etc. 

Yet the company continues on, and your only role really is oversight and replacement of those who aren’t cutting it or who leave for another position. 

The only conflict you have is with the other owners. They may agree with your viewpoints, or with some of your viewpoints, or none. Yet they have an equal right and say as owners on who should run the company and how it should be run. You know your company will thrive and prosper by 1) respecting the other owners’ views, 2) appreciating they too want what’s best for the company and 3) working out solutions together to achieve this goal. 

Congratulations. You already own this company…as do millions of others. Welcome to being a citizen of the United States. Let’s start treating this country as a business. We all want this business to thrive. To accomplish this goal EVERYONE needs to start communicating; agreeing to find mutually common goals and working together to achieve them. Welcome fellow citizen, let’s start talking! 

Gregory Peskay


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