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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I wish to thank John Boston for his column about the back story to the choice of Hart High School’s mascot. I am also an alumni of this beloved institution (1975) and the Indian mascot is still something I hold dear. It was a pleasure to hear, after all these years, the reason the school chose that mascot. I share his feelings and believe all this “wokeness” and “political correctness” is becoming a stain on society that’s going to grow to the point we eventually won’t be able to utter a word without offending someone. I wish I had so little to worry about that I had to focus on whether someone had their little feelers hurt over what their favorite sports teams are named. To the Hart school board: There are weightier issues to deal with than undoing long-standing traditions and institutions just to placate a small but vocal minority. That’s the small stuff. Let’s focus on the big stuff. 

Jeff Moir


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