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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The Nov. 3 election gave us many examples of potential election irregularities (at best) and outright fraud (at worst) in at least six states. Despite the attempts of the left-wing media and oligarchs of social media to shut down discussion of such problems, labeling anyone who dares to raise questions as treasonous or inciting riot, the problems remain. Notwithstanding leftist claims to the contrary, the problems have not been adjudicated since no actual evidence of irregularities or fraud has been heard by the courts or any investigative body. Until the problems receive fair and transparent adjudication, at least 50 million voters will never accept that the election was legitimate. 

Representatives and senators who sought to effect a closer look at problems in the suspect states by questioning electors were roundly excoriated by the media and by prominent Democrats, variously being called traitors, insurrectionist, violators of the Constitution, and worse. This is remarkably hypocritical in light of the fact that some of those same prominent Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, raised exactly the same types of questions, spurred on by their media cohorts, in 2000, 2004, and 2016 but with far less evidence of wrongdoing. 

Our own Rep. Mike Garcia raised objection to electors from two states. Those who have actually read and understand the Constitution will know that this was an entirely legal and constitutional action, even a compelled one for any representative who suspects problems based on clear evidence. The only objection that Garcia might hear from this quarter is to ask why he did not see clear evidence in more than two states. His political opponents and the media, however, have lost no time in commencing the caterwauling about criminal and unconstitutional behavior and demanding resignation or removal from office. Local Christy Smith supporters have been happy to join the chorus by flooding our local media with similar nonsense. 

Those of us who believe in law and order, however, especially when it comes to the integrity of elections, owe Garcia a debt of gratitude for standing up and taking the heat by doing what the Constitution demands. So, thank you, Mike! 

John Weaver

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