Keith R. Smith Jr. | Elections Still Need Fixing

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Letters to the Editor
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Mr. Paul Raggio’s column in The Signal on Jan. 21 was a well reasoned one, even though I feel well provoked by extremely wide-ranging suspicious actions in numerous states that the intent was to cheat the electorate out of its rightful voice at the polls. I can’t understand how they failed to do so when they tried so desperately! However, I am willing to live and let live and forget this insult to my intelligence this time around if the Democrats will finally concede that a fair election cannot be held under the present rules.

It is a laugh that it was Texas that was the state that took this issue to court when, for all of my 95 years, this state has been high on the list of “suspicious states” when it comes to polling mischief — especially during Lyndon Johnson’s tenure in office!

I would not settle for changes by the states that simply gloss over current election laws. They must be real, tough, follow the U.S. Constitution and provide assurances that tampering will not only not be highly unlikely, but also penalties for attempting to cheat must be severe. So let’s start off with proper identification and since this is a “so-called” burden on a few people, I believe that the states can afford to have the county registrar go to the residents of those needing an ID.

OK, President Joe Biden? That is my offer to you for reconciliation. What is your response?

Keith R. Smith Jr.

Canyon Country

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