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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

There are all kinds of reasons for our congressman to support Donald Trump’s questioning the last election. Just a few facts are these:

The unbelievable stats that show an incumbent president who previously won states that he lost. The numbers don’t add up?

States who broke their own laws (governors and state officials), extending voting days, not checking for signatures and mail-in voting irregularities. Votes arriving by trucks in the early a.m. Boxes pulled from under a table after everyone was told to go home. Hundreds of affidavits from poll watchers who were prevented from witnessing votes being counted. Remember, Trump led in every one of the so-called swing states until early-morning, when illegal activity occurred. Dead people voting. The list goes on and on. Too much evidence to not question this election! 

Voting by mail is ripe for fraud. The mainstream media investigation into this was…? They didn’t investigate — they just dismissed, as they do everything that doesn’t fit their narrative. When you have the main media that is a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party, we don’t have fair elections!

Again where was the investigation into the big guy, Joe Biden, and his family, on China? Only conservatives and Republicans get questioned and harangued.

 Mike Garcia did the right thing when he got the information the press shunned or refused to report.

 I sincerely hope that future elections will be one person, one vote! And why not have confirmed I.D. to vote? You need it to do anything else. If we don’t have clean elections, what is the state of our country?

A thorough investigation is not only needed, but also demanded by the irregularities that happened.

The storming of the Capitol was bad, but who instigated it? Pictures show Antifa and neo-Nazis were there. The hundreds of thousands who were there were praying and peaceful. Perfect for the agitators to make Trump supporters look like insurrectionists.

Michael Molacek


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