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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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So you voted for Joe Biden did you now. You must be very happy he is now president. You must also be happy with his stance on defunding the police. 

He stated, “We must redirect funding,” whatever that meant. However, Kamala Harris applauded defunding the Los Angeles Police Department by $150 million and stated, “We must reimagine policing.” 

Don’t worry if you call 911 and there is a delay or no one comes at all. Did you know that Kamala cosponsored the Green New Deal along with Alexander Ocasio Cortez and that her voting record was to the left in Congress of Bernie Sanders?  But you would have been OK with voting for Bernie because Biden has adopted his manifesto almost word for word.

In 47 years, no one can cite one single thing Biden did to make things better for the average American.  I will be waiting for someone to educate me what that was. He did manage to make his whole family very rich with sweetheart deals in the Ukraine and with the Chinese Communist Party. Remember the interview with Tony Bobulinski who asked Jim Biden, “How can you get away with this?” 

He replied, “plausible deniability.”

 Trump, like him or not, accomplished more in his 47 months than Biden ever did, for example: Operation Warp Speed that developed two vaccines in just about 10 months. Phenomenal! He also brokered four Mideast peace deals benefiting Israel, something no one could accomplish in the approximately 72 years since Israel was established after World War II. Biden has become a one-man wrecking crew, destroying American jobs and infrastructure. 

For example, stopping the Keystone XL pipeline construction, destroying 11,000 high-paying union and non-union jobs as well as stopping the border wall, destroying more than 5,000 jobs and our sovereignty. By the stroke of a pen he has destroyed our energy independence from the Middle Eastern countries that hate us. Iran, China and Russia love this, as there will be less competition. Canada is not happy with us about the pipeline.

The callous John Kerry and Pete Buttigieg said these people can just get jobs building solar panels.  Where? They are mainly being made in China. Remember Solyndra, that boondoggle under Obama? 

Also, with the stroke of a pen, Biden destroyed women’s sports by allowing transgender males to compete in women’s sports. Oh, and they can also use women’s restrooms. But you don’t mind unless you have a daughter competing in sports.

The Paris Climate Accord is another unneeded, expensive boondoggle that exempts China and India, the biggest polluters. Our carbon footprint has actually decreased under the Trump administration due to the use of natural gas.  

States like Wyoming and New Mexico are being negatively impacted by Biden’s war on our energy systems dependent on oil and coal. New Mexico deprives half of its revenue from the oil industry. 

The 1776 initiative begun by Trump was designed to help teach our young children to love and respect our founding principles. Democrats couldn’t have that. The 1619 Project is a “hate America” initiative that wrongly teaches our children that slavery was the basis of our founding. Not true.

Biden at one time stated in an interview with George Stephanopoulos that executive orders were what a dictator would use rather than garner consensus, which is necessary in a democracy. Seems like Biden is eating his own words with nearly 40 executive orders in his first week. 

It is America Last instead of America First under Trump. God help us.

Phyllis A. McKenna 

Stevenson Ranch

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