Richard Myers | Mascots Chosen as Sign of Honor

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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There they go again. Another group trying to be politically correct. I’m writing about the attempt to change the Hart High School mascot.

It seems to me that all mascots were selected because there was something in the name that was well-regarded and desirable. Let’s look at some of the professional sports mascots: The Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers suggest strength, the Kansas City Chiefs suggest leadership. Wherever you look, the mascot reflects something that is a desirable trait, something the team would like to be noted for. For the Hart Indians it might be courage or toughness.

You never see something like: The Washington Weasels, or the Road Island Rats. Of course not!  

To be selected as a mascot should be thought of as an honor and I suggest all those running around trying to find fault, find something more useful to do.

  Richard Myers


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