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Letters to the Editor
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“Buying into misinformation?” How about the rotten tomatoes Mr. Mark Van Leeuwen (letters, Jan. 21) tossed at our honorable Rep. Mike Garcia? “Representing the constituency”: Putting that shoe on the other foot, California is 30% Republican, with more Republicans in this state than any other — the ones still here, not those among the bipartisan exodus stampeding out of this state! California Democrat representatives clearly couldn’t care less about their Republican constituents.  

Garcia and others legally challenged the election. The Democrats have sued, opposed and attempted to block election results in THREE PREVIOUS ELECTIONS. Donald Trump and the country were dragged through the mud for months on fake “look hard enough, we just might find something” “Russian collusion” charges, instigated by a fictional dossier. Now, Fake Impeachment No. 2. 

Conservatives wanted court investigations, a closer look at the UNPRECEDENTED, inappropriate and outright illegal election procedures. They were utterly refused. The angry fallout outbreak manifested at the Capitol incident was completely wrong, and by the way, Republicans made no shrug excuses, and immediately, roundly and universally condemned it. 

“The most secure election in our lifetimes”!? Hogwash. This election is unprecedented uncertainty all the way. State after state certified vote counts with an indeterminate number of unverified mail-in ballots, state governments went rogue, against state constitutions, doing illegal end runs around their state legislatures in making hasty changes in election rules, and in not “throwing out,” rejecting, anywhere near the number of irregular ballots they normally do. Election confidence nosedived.  

But see…the left won. So. They. Don’t. Care. 

Turn the tables? If Trump won, do you think the left would just sit by, peacefully accept the results, without demanding endless investigations, nonstop protests for months, violence, obstructing, ceaseless rioting, on a vastly exponential scale….in contrast to the inexcusable single incident we saw on Jan. 6.

Sean McLaughlin


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