Beverley Scott | Capitol Break-in a Pawn in Power Grab

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Part 2 of 5.

It’s disconcerting that, prior to the Jan. 6 Capitol break-in, the FBI had information that there might be violence, yet no actions were taken to prepare the Capitol Police. It may seem farfetched to imagine Speaker Nancy Pelosi would set the Capitol Police up to fail just to malign Donald Trump, but judging by the past, it’s logical to assume she would. She has pushed her agenda to have him impeached, unsuccessfully, not once, but twice. And now that he has left office, she continues to disparage and vilify him. According to Headline USA and Forbes, Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund asked House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving, who reported to Pelosi, for permission to activate the National Guard. Irving denied the request, stating that neither the “optics” nor preliminary reports about potential violence justified it. 

According to NPR, Sund says he requested assistance six times ahead of and during the attack on the Capitol. Each request was denied or delayed, he says. After Jan. 6, Pelosi fired Irving and forced Sund to resign without consulting House Republicans, who have requested an explanation, which has been ignored. It’s reasonable to assume that had Sund been given the additional troops, they would have been successful in stopping rioters from entering the Capitol. But that wouldn’t advance the narrative that the Capitol needs to be protected from Trump supporters.  

Fresh off Trump’s impeachment charade acquittal, Democrats are making it clear they’re not done exploiting the Capitol riot. Pelosi is pushing to establish an outside independent 9/11-type commission ostensibly to investigate the Capitol break-in, but in reality, probably to effect a massive power grab to take away more of our First Amendment rights. What’s next, our Second Amendment rights? It’s ridiculous and insulting how the left and the media have compared the Capitol break-in, where five people died, to Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Bosnia and Rwanda.

A half-billion dollars has already been spent primarily on keeping 6,000 National Guard troops in D.C., and they have stated they want the guard to remain through the fall. It is nothing but political theater and disproportionate to a non-existent threat. Do they really need all that fencing and razor wire surrounding the Capitol? The only violence I’ve been aware of since the peaceful transfer of power is from the darlings of the left. On Feb. 6, Antifa and Black Lives Matter held an FTP (F the Police) March in D.C. where they carried an anti-fascist flag and chanted, “If we don’t get it, burn it down.”  

For the record, on the day of Trump’s inauguration in 2017, thousands of leftists rioted in D.C. and hundreds were arrested, then all charges were dropped. 

This is just like the three-year Russian collusion hoax. There was no collusion by the president, only Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, who paid a Russian spy for a false dossier. They spied on our president thanks to the courtesy of corrupt officials at Barack Obama’s FBI and Department of Justice. Then they spun a made-up narrative and pushed that story for three years, all the while knowing it was all lies they had fabricated. For what purpose – I suspect to take the focus off Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails, her private server with top-secret files on it, and other criminal activity. 

Then there was the phone call to the president of the Ukraine, with several others listening in on the call, which was recorded and later released to the public. Nothing improper was said or implied on that call, but Rep. Adam Schiff created a narrative that was totally false, and the media ran with it, and then Congress tried to impeach Trump for it. They knew impeachment would never pass the Senate, but they pushed forward just to harass and discredit him.  

The left’s sole focus for four years has been to get rid of Trump. He was exposing the swamp, and they could not have that! Have they become so devious that they have to create divisions to take the focus off what is really going on with the 53-plus executive orders that have been signed to date, most of which are harmful to Americans? The Democrat Party has drifted so far left, John Kennedy wouldn’t recognize it. 

Beverley Scott


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