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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Part 3 of 5 (Part 2 appeared March 9).

All the president was asking for was an audit – a double check to verify the validity of the ballots cast in the seven swing states. In 2016, the Democrats asked for recertification in 11 states. No problem, right? You have to ask yourself, why were they afraid to allow this audit? It was completely reasonable to ask for an audit considering the fact that more than 1,000 people (poll workers, Postal Service workers, etc.) have come forward and signed affidavits under penalty of perjury (sworn statements) that they witnessed fraud. In fact, he would have been negligent had he not asked for an audit. The mainstream media would never tell you that, but it’s a fact, nevertheless. 

The Democratic National Committee filed more than 300 lawsuits across the country prior to Nov. 3, to change the election rules, under the guise of the coronavirus, and they changed many of those rules illegally. Sending a mail-in ballot to someone who requests it is safe because you can verify that they are eligible to vote (a U.S. citizen, live in the state, and verify their signature on file, etc.) But they flooded the states with unsolicited ballots knowing full well that there would be rampant fraud; in fact, bulk mail ballot fraud was apparently part of their strategy. The problem is they didn’t have the authority to change the voting rules. According to the U.S. Constitution, only state legislatures can do that. So many of those ballots were cast illegally, and therefore cannot be counted. On top of that there were countless irregularities and fraud, which will be set forth in Part 4. 

Going to a polling place to vote in person is no less safe or essential than going to Costco or Walmart. 

According to Politico, a “technology glitch halted voting in two Georgia counties on Election Day because a vendor uploaded ‘an update’ to their election machines the night before.” Really?  

According to RT USA, a court-ordered audit concluded Dominion voting machines were intentionally designed to “create systemic fraud” in Michigan. Michigan recorded a shocking 68% error rate while tabulating votes. The report noted that the faulty software far exceed the “allowable election error rate of 0.0008% set by the Federal Election Commission.  

Optical scan vote-counting systems and direct recording electronic machines have known error rates and security vulnerabilities that warrant meaningful procedures to check the accuracy of the vote count. Reviewing paper records is the only way to ensure the audit is independent of the original tabulation system, yet less than a quarter of the states do a post-election audit that manually examines paper ballots.  

Why doesn’t the greatest country on Earth manufacture voting machines and software in their own country, and for that matter, count the votes in their own country? Our basic freedom is at stake here. We have to be able to trust our election process as being lawful. Dominion Voting machines are designed to be able to switch votes. We all saw where votes were switched from Donald Trump to Joe Biden, but never the other way around. Sen. William Ligon of the Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee has written a letter describing his concerns with Dominion in his state. He wrote, “The Dominion voting machines employed in Fulton County had an astronomical and astounding 93.67% error rate.” (It’s only wrong 93% of the time.) “In the scanning of ballots requiring a review panel to adjudicate or determine the voter’s interest, there were errors in over 106,000 ballots out of a total of 113,000.”  

They adjudicate your vote, which is to say they change your vote to say whatever they want. They say, “Well, we don’t think Trump wants to vote for Trump. We think he wants to vote for Biden. Put it down for Biden.” 

The national average for such an error rate is far less than 1% and yet you’re at 93%.   

According to The Canada Free Press, “Dominion Systems acquired Smartmatic machines that were created for the 2004 Venezuela elections, organized and funded by recipient Hugo Chavez. It’s no surprise massive fraud envelopes all these tainted companies threatening to destroy Trump’s original blowout victory over Biden.” 

The Times reported that some Democrats in the Georgia Legislature opposed purchasing the system, but there is evidence that heavy lobbying and sales tactics played a role in their adoption in Georgia and elsewhere. Georgia alone has eight registered lobbyists for Dominion, and they include Lewis Abit Massey, a former Democratic Georgia secretary of state, and Jared Thomas, former chief of staff for Republican Gov. Brian Kemp. 

According to the National Election Defense Coalition, experts have long recommended that all computerized elections should be audited before the winner is certified to ensure the results are correct. This entails using statistical models to retrieve a small sample of paper ballots that were examined by hand to ensure the machines recorded and counted the votes correctly. If discrepancies are discovered the audit can be escalated to a full hand count and the hand count of the paper ballots becomes the official result. A properly designed post-election audit can find counting errors, correct them, deter fraud, provide data for continuous improvement in election administration, and promote public confidence in elections.  

They go on to recommend election audits should be: 

Consequential: Designed to catch and reverse an incorrect election outcome.

Timely: Conducted before official results are certified.

Secure: Have procedures that keep the audit trail complete and intact.

Paper: Manual inspection of paper ballots or audit logs, not electronic media.

Random: A truly random sample of individual ballots.

Escalating: Count more ballots until there is strong evidence of a correct outcome. 

Public: Open to witnesses or broadcast online.

Mandatory: Audits must be performed to ensure accuracy and accountability.

Beverley Scott


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