Carolyn Hill | Blame the Teachers’ Unions

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I have family and friends who are teachers who want to return to in-person instruction. It’s very simple: Most teachers care about the children they teach. The problem is the teachers’ union. The union’s goal is not to act in the best interests of the children and their families. Our teachers are paid by our tax dollars to provide a public education for our children. Are teachers so fragile that they cannot take on the task of doing their job in person? If they are unable to do the job for which they are paid it is time to replace them with someone who will. 

Millions of Americans have continued to work in person throughout this pandemic. Our school boards are far too intimidated and accommodating to the unreasonable demands of the unions. They seem to be forgetting that their first priority is to the families who voted for them, not a union who acts like entitled bullies. I am very impressed by a few of our local superintendents who are working to return to school despite tremendous pressure. It’s time to require teachers to return to school now and prepare for a full-time in-class schedule for fall. 

Carolyn Hill 


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