Dick Cesaroni | The Swamp Rats Reveal Themselves

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Subject: Swamp rats show true colors (yellow). 

Well, the vote is in and it’s final. Donald J. Trump was found not guilty, even in spite of the fact that it was a kangaroo court. But the Republicans stayed true for the course and voted NOT GUILTY for Trump. 

Seven Republicans jumped to the dark side and voted guilty along with the Democrats. They didn’t vote based on evidence, they voted to save their skin and hid behind the coattails of the Democratic senators. 

Those miserable seven were: Lisa Murkowski (expected), Susan Collins (expected), Mitt Romney (expected as always – this was the second time he voted to impeach Trump), Ben Sasse, Bill Cassidy and Pat Toomey. 

These seven wouldn’t know evidence if it jumped up and bit them on their derriere. 

I just hope that the people who live in these senators’ states remember the names and that they betrayed the Republican Party and displayed their lack of knowledge of the law and the Constitution.  

They should NOT be re-elected. 

Just one citizen’s opinion. 

Dick Cesaroni


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