Easter decorating fun for the table


By Pauline Mason

Signal Staff Writer

Looking for cute or elegant, but very easy and inexpensive ideas for your Easter table? Here are dozens of ideas for great flowers, centerpieces and place cards.

Setting my Easter table is always fun each year. Sometimes we opt for elegant arrangements with flowers and beautifully decorated eggs.

Most of the time though, we get distracted by the wide range of cute Easter products on the market and end up with a table filled with candy, Easter decorations and other objects.

One year, we even decorated the whole table with fluffy chicks … both of the stuffed and marshmellow variety.

Here are a few of my favorite ideas.


Easter has plenty of creative possibilities when it comes to fun and attractive centerpieces. Easer eggs are a primary focus. But, bowls, baskets and other containers full of plain and colored eggs are always popular.

Bunnies are a natural for the Easter table. Ceramic, suffed, chocolate, paper … you name it, you can use it. Just refrain from the real thing!


My husband is a jelly bean addict, and Easter in our household is more about jelly beans thean chocolate bunnies.

One of the easiest ways to make a colorful vases to hold flowers is to use jelly beans to fill them. For fake flower arrangements, you can simply fill a large clear or translucent-
colored vase with jelly bens and place the plastic stems into the vase.

Use hardy blossoms as napkin rings. Keep them in water before placing them on the table, or provide a water source for them, such as a small florist’s tube.

Place cards

This year, our place cards are going to be small vases filled with jelly beans and crocuses. We fill the tiny vases with jelly beans and then cut small crocuses from our garden. We nestle the crocuses in small floral tubes and then insert the tubes in the jelly beans. 

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