Gary Arndt | More Than Just a Broken Window

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Dear citizens of Santa Clarita: I am very concerned about the elevation of crime in our city and I would like to share a recent experience. 

Three out of the last four times I have parked at the trailheads to Golden Valley Open Space and Walker Ranch (Placerita Canyon Road), vehicles have been broken into and people’s lives changed. The most recent sad story happened March 5 at the Golden Valley parking area. As I was getting ready for my bike ride, a young mother returned from her walk with a baby on her back to find her window had been smashed. She was distraught, and being new to the area, thought our valley would be a safe place to take a hike. 

Most headlines will say, “Vehicle broken into,” but this is what really happens. There is glass everywhere in your car with the explosion of the window breaking by force. Glass is stuck in the window frames, upholstery is covered with powdery shards, chunks are stuck in your shifter, nooks and crannies, floor mats, it is everywhere. I helped her clean up the best we could and advised her not to drive back fast or on the freeway because the powdery and minute glass shards would fly around the car and get into her’s and her baby’s lungs and eyes. I was a stranger, so getting into my car with her baby was not an option. Also, there is no cell service in the canyon. On top of all that there is contacting insurance, getting the repairs, time lost and funds doled out all because criminals KNOW that there are no negative consequences with this new district attorney eviscerating current laws and no cash bail. This is happening all over the city. 

At the very least we need cameras and signage similar to what they finally did at the Towsley Canyon parking lot. This is just a small part of what I personally have witnessed. The citizens are sick and tired of this lawlessness. What can our City Council do to keep us safe and our property protected? Our law enforcement arrests the perpetrators and they are out in hours to repeat the cycle. Sickening. 

Better stand up, folks, and make your voices heard. Peacefully.

Gary Arndt 


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