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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I would never impeach a president for lying. They all do it. My problem with Joe Biden is he has the same problem I have at 84 years of age. We don’t always think fast and clearly as we used to. It’s called early states of dementia and it’s not fun. If you notice the Democratic Party has been turning against Biden in the last week because who they really wanted was Kamala Harris. They knew she could not win since she only received 5% of the vote when she ran for president. Put Biden in there get rid of Biden and Harris will be president.

I never thought President Barack Obama was not born here, when the rumor was going around.

Yes, I do listen to Fox News and MSNBC and CNN and they never had a good word to say about President Donald Trump. It would be unfair for me to comment about Trump calling the virus a hoax. I never heard him say that. I had the virus in January and lived through it without going to the hospital.

Illegal immigrants — I could be wrong in thinking that most of these people would prefer to live in their own country and I blame our government. We give billions of our taxes to poor countries and never monitor how the money is spent. I spoke with a young man who was installing my cable — he was from Honduras — about our government sending money to his country. He told me the people never see the money. Who is taking this money? It must be monitored how this money is spent. How about some of these big corporations that build factories in China for cheap labor? Try some of these poor countries in South America and maybe they can become independent and not need our help. 

Illegal immigrants have taken over construction and many other jobs that citizens of this country at one time did. 

Gov. Gavin Newsom should not have locked down California like he did and is paying the price.

Mark Garcia: I would not vote for any relief, until Nancy Pelosi takes all the junk she puts in. Not much relief goes to the people after she is done. She needs to go — all she wants is power. I can’t stand the lying she does. This is important — people need money and she holds it up.

President Trump, one of the best presidents we have had, like him or not, did a lot for this country and made sure America came first. Do I like everything about him? No. He was not in the service — so what, there are a lot people who did not go into the military. He treated the military with respect and worked at getting our veterans the medical they deserved. 

I also believe in treating others as I want to be treated. I believe that everyone has a right to express their own opinion as I have done and you have done (Gerrie Currie, letters, March 13) without telling them to do soul searching. If you want to be in lockstep with the Democrats, that’s fine with me. If you like Biden, that’s OK. If you like Harris, who bails out looters and people who burn down cities, that is your right. I don’t, and I have the right to say it. 

The last time I voted for a Democrat for president was JFK. He had his faults, but was a good president. 

I didn’t like some of President Trump’s tweets — too many and some uncalled for.

I hope we never have another election like 2020. Too much mail-in voting and too much changing rules at the last minute. What’s done is done and we move on.

Kay Vestal

Canyon Country

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