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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

At one of the most crucial times in our modern history, with an unforeseen pandemic lockdown and a highly contentious election, the fallout from both leaves an uncertainty in our nation. A year later, with a new administration in the White House, policy chaos ensues from a politicized recovery bill with massive debt. 

With the polarizing issues also of immigration, energy, future taxes, loss of business and jobs, rollouts of multiple vaccines and the question of when schools will reopen, one has to ask, how do we move forward? 

Where is true leadership? How is the balance restored in our lives? 

The answer has some hope in a silver lining coming out of our very own 25th District 25 Rep. Mike Garcia. Volunteering over the year and meeting people canvassing, there was a feeling of frustration that Washington isn’t listening to the people by whom it was elected, nor does it care in the duties it’s sworn to uphold. The usual politics and promises unkept was the message. 

Taking that all in as we now face unprecedented times, the balance of a common-sense true American thinker is going to work. Far-distant Washington doesn’t seem so far away with Mike Garcia by our side. The major news may not be tuning in to the work Garcia is doing, but our representative is not wasting time to bring that balance in our favor, working for the citizens, making the nation a priority. 

One major priority for Garcia is getting our schools to reopen safely, cosponsoring the Reopen Schools Act, H.R. 682. This resolution puts our kids first to reopen the schools by listening to actual science. Our kids are the special interest of our country! 

Garcia also supports a bipartisan relief amendment to remove the State and Local Tax (SALT) deduction cap so Californians can have the support needed to rebuild again that the relief bill did not provide. 

Also in the process of rebuilding, we must take control of the chaos of the state distribution of the vaccines. Garcia is making vaccine distribution an imperative so vaccines get to the people in need so we can safely open up. 

Besides help from the lockdowns, a crucial bill our representative is prioritizing is to ensure Californians have access to the water storage needed, especially in drought, as the state is experiencing below-average precipitation. The bill would ensure a seven-year extension for water supply infrastructure. 

All of the focus given to these pressing issues encompasses a leader who represents all of us. Republican, Democrat, independent, where should We the People be on the scale? The weight seems to lean heavily on the people in power. 

Who is leaning the scale in our favor, the People’s favor? Mike Garcia brings us the balance we need that the political elites in Washington have forgotten.

Kimberly Conary Russo
Canyon Country

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