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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Ever since a number of Republican House members voted to examine the electoral votes of Pennsylvania and Arizona, the left in the 25th Congressional District have been hysterical. They are accusing Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz of sedition and treason. Really now? They seem to forget the Constitution permits this and the Democrats have used this to challenge every single election of a Republican president since Eisenhower. In the impeachment charade, the Donald Trump defense team handed the Democrats their lunch when they played excerpts of numerous Democrats challenging the electoral votes of their states after the 2016 election — Sheila Jackson-Lee, Barbara Lee, and even James Raskin, who challenged the results of the 2016 election. I don’t remember (Signal letter writers) calling for these Democrats to be held accountable or accusing them of treason. Then there was the 2000 Bush/Gore election when Gore tried to steal that election and put the country through over a month of recounts, mainly in Broward County, a Democrat stronghold rife with fraud.

But when Republicans vote to examine the electoral votes in just two states, it is an attempt to overthrow our government. Really? How absurd. Rep. Mike Garcia’s vote to exercise a constitutional right is treasonous and sedition? The left needs to come up with a few better talking points.

Voting laws in Pennsylvania were changed illegally by the attorney general and their Supreme Court to allow mail-in voting. Only the state Legislature, per our Constitution, can change the voting laws and they must advertise twice in each county before there is voter approval. Then they did not allow poll watchers in while the votes were being counted. What were they hiding? Something fishy here. On election night, Trump led by 682,00 votes. By Thursday morning, that lead had shrunk to 42,000 and by Friday morning Joe Biden led by about 10,000 votes. This was statistically impossible, according to some experts.

Examining the Pennsylvania electoral votes was not unreasonable, so let’s stop accusing Mike Garcia of treason and sedition. It is getting tiresome. He won over Christy Smith because she was not a great candidate. She was anti-business, anti-charter schools, and she voted to force Uber and Lyft drivers to give up their independent contractor status. Then she supported Proposition 15, which would have repealed the Proposition 13 status of businesses, leading to a huge tax increase for already struggling businesses due to the pandemic.

Until Lois Eisenberg holds all those Democrats accountable who challenged the 2000, the 2004 and the 2016 elections, she does not have a leg to stand on. And to Lynn Wright, Trump’s vaccine distribution plan was in full force when Biden took over, delivering about 1 million doses per day, hardly leaving absolute chaos for the new administration.

Phyllis A. McKenna

Stevenson Ranch 

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