Richard Myers | What’s the Answer to Killings?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Here we go again. After the recent mass shooting there will certainly be calls for more gun control measures followed by countless reasons why they won’t help. Some will suggest more guns as an answer — more guns for the “good guys.” Then again, perhaps concealed weapons for all would help. Perhaps we should restrict the availability of bullets.

On and on we go. There seems no way to keep the nut cases from killing: can’t get a gun, make a bomb, can’t make a bomb, there’s poison, can’t get poison, there’s knives, no knives, then a bat or a brick.

OK, so what is the answer? The point is that there is no answer — only effort, our effort to keep the nut cases from any killing and certainly mass killing. We have to try everything possible and not just throw up our hands and say, “That won’t help.”

Richard Myers


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