Riti Hegde | Remember January in 2022

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Dear fellow 25th Congressional District residents: We should remember how Mike Garcia voted on Jan. 7 when it comes time for the midterms in 2022. Our congressman voted against the people’s democratic selection for the president of the United States, objecting to the Electoral College certification. His intention to uphold this farce was declared a day before. This was already bad enough. 

Then, a mob of insurrectionists stormed the Capitol in part because con men like Mike Garcia enabled their delusional idea that they could overthrow a democratically elected government. Garcia should have immediately changed his vote out of pure shame, but instead he voted against the electoral college. Garcia has some nerve. He barely won the election here in CA-25. Last I checked, he barely beat Christy Smith by give or take 300 votes. Additionally, CA-25 overwhelmingly voted for Joe Biden. It is apparent that most of his constituents were against his appalling actions. He betrayed the trust of our community and most importantly the Constitution. 

Garcia does not deserve to be the representative of the 25th District. Unfortunately, House members cannot be recalled. Consequently, we must wait until 2022 to vote him out. So Congressman Garcia, if you’re reading this and thinking we will forget about this by next year, you are wrong. I look forward to casting my vote for literally anyone but you.  

Riti Hegde

Simi Valley

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