Simple tech solutions that can make daily life easier

There are several simple technology pieces, from WiFi extenders to auto shut-off wall outlets, that can help make daily life a little easier and safer.

Technology has become such a part of the fabric of daily life that it’s easy for anyone to take their favorite gadgets and gizmos for granted. It’s only when power outages strike or batteries run out of power that people stop and realize just how vital a role technology plays in their daily lives.

Technology is always evolving. Whether it’s system updates on a smartphone or the latest incarnation of a popular tablet, technology does not sit still. That ever-evolving nature means there’s likely a simple tech solution out there to help anyone make daily life a little easier.

WiFi extender he pandemic forced many people to spend more time at home than ever before. While keeping their social distance, homeowners may have noticed a few spots in their home where it’s hard to get a strong and/or consistent WiFi signal. A WiFi extender is a simple, easily installed and inexpensive way to remedy spotty WiFi signals around the home.

Auto shut-off wall outlet arents who spent much of 2020 working from home as their kids were engaged in remote learning recognize that distractions ruled the day during the pandemic. Auto shut-off wall outlets can act as something of a safety net, turning off devices like curling irons and panini grills that distracted parents mistakenly left plugged in.

Portable phone charger ortable phone chargers can ensure that smartphones don’t run out of juice while users are out and about. Modern smartphones do more than ever, and users rely on them to message friends and family, respond to work emails, stream their favorite songs and movies, and perform a host of other functions, all in a given day. Portable chargers are compact and lightweight, and solar-powered varieties can be especially useful when spending a full day in the great outdoors.

USB port hub  USB port hub can help professionals who suddenly found themselves working full-time from home using a laptop. Laptops may or may not come with enough USB ports, but a port hub can help professionals adapt to working from home without having to change their computers. A port hub, which may include as many as 10 ports, can ensure wireless accessories like a mouse or keyboard remain charged even when using laptops with insufficient ports.

Technology has affected every aspect of daily life. When confronted with problems in a typical day, consumers can rest easy knowing there’s likely a simple and even affordable tech-based solution to that problem. (MC) 

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