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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I met Mike Garcia two years ago in a coffee shop in Saugus. He told me he was planning to challenge Katie Hill for the 25th Congressional District seat. I asked him why, and he very simply said, “I don’t want the rest of the country to turn into California.” 

As he talked, I could not help becoming impressed with Mike. A local guy, graduate of Saugus High, graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, F-18 fighter pilot with 30 combat missions and a master’s degree in national security from Georgetown University. Mike would be leaving his 10-year job as a successful executive with Raytheon Corp. in order to campaign for the 2020 election. He was making big sacrifices but said, with two young boys, he had to get involved. 

This is not a person who needs a government job! 

(After Katie Hill resigned), Mike faced Christy Smith, who worked for the U.S. Department of Education, then two terms on the board of the Newhall School District before being elected to the 38th Assembly District in 2016. Mike won the special election in May for the remaining term and defeated Smith again in November for a full term. 

Since being elected, Mike has been focused on improving things for the 25th District. He introduced a bill to extend the “WIIN Act” to 2028, which will improve California’s access to water. He cosponsored a bill to prohibit federal funding of the high-speed rail project. He co-sponsored H.R. 1892, which would authorize extending the “Violence Against Women Act.” He voted to expand the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, and has been working to get schools open, support law enforcement and public safety, encourage education in STEM subjects, and address veterans issues. 

When you consider what career politicians and bureaucrats have done here in California with the DMV mess in 2019, the Employment Development Department disaster in 2020, the COVID-19 lockdowns and schools not yet open, we are privileged to have a person of Mike’s caliber representing this district. 

Mike’s past and possible future opponent Christy Smith was recently appointed to the Delta Stewardship Council, and thanks to the bureaucrat’s friend “political patronage,” is able to draw a $49,000 salary from the state. Some people need government jobs!

Thomas L. Cadman

Canyon Country

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