Arthur Saginian | A ‘Detached’ View of the U.S.

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Imagine sitting in a satellite many miles above the Earth’s surface looking down at the human drama from a vantage point of “detachment.” You look at the United States and how its government is split by a two-party system, and how each side “claims” to want the good of the nation yet goes about it in completely different ways. If a question is asked and two people give you completely different answers, can both of them be right? Can both of them be wrong?

Our country, like any country, is composed of basically two groups of people: owners and workers. Even Karl Marx knew that. For our country, or any country, to do well, both sides must be considered and both sides must contribute to the greater good. There has to be fairness and justice. What we are experiencing now is the end result of ages of unfairness and injustice, and that can be clearly seen and understood while in the satellite. It’s when you drop down to the surface that you can no longer see the forest for the trees, and it’s easy to be fooled by either side. But back from the vantage point of the satellite you can see that the attempt to remedy ages of unfairness and injustice is what appears to be a whole new brand of unfairness and injustice — and that neither side is doing anything that will benefit the country as a whole. 

So, in essence the United States has been turned into a latrine and both sides are having a pissing contest. What we need to do then is get rid of the politicians from both sides and call a plumber.

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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