David Veal | Who Committed Voter Fraud?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Beverley Scott’s letter of March 24.

Former President Donald Trump’s approval rating hovered about 39% and dropped to 32% during the middle of 2020. That indicated that a vast majority of the American public did not approve of his handlining of the presidency. It’s not likely that the majority of the voters suddenly voted for Trump. The vast majority of voters voted for Biden/Harris. No voter fraud.

Your quoted sources of validation of your arguments are questionable. RT-USA is a Russian government-owned media outlet headquartered in Moscow. Their propaganda endorses Trump’s voter fraud claims because they want to discredit/disrupt our democracy.

The Canada Free Press is a Canadian publication with questionable ownership and political intentions. 

Your source, The National Election Defense Coalition, has stated, “While we have long been among the most vocal critics of the privatized system of electronic vote counting, we see no evidence of the
QAnon conspiracy theory that Donald Trump lost due to widespread electronic fraud by Dominion voting systems. We base this statement on the vast majority of pre-election polls that predicted a Trump loss by significant margins, and the unprecedented robust post-election audits in vulnerable states where NEDC and other election security advocates have been working for months and years leading up to 2020.”

Regarding Dominion Voter Systems voter fraud: A variety of Dominion systems are used in 3.99% to 98.4% of counties in 28 states. The remainder of the counties in these 28 sates used other voting systems. Alaska used 100% Dominion Voting Systems. No claim of any voter fraud!

The remaining 22 states used other voting systems.

Former President Trump began stating prior to his election in 2016 of voter fraud and continue to do so throughout his term in office. Are we to believe (someone who) has misstated the facts more than 20,000 times during his term in office is now telling the truth regarding voter fraud?

His legal teams lost 60 cases in courts regarding voter fraud. Lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell stated in the press conferences that they had proof and signed affidavits of voter fraud, none of which materialized in court. There can be only three reasons: The witnesses were not asked to testify under oath, declined to testify under oath or that the supposed affidavits didn’t exists.

Now Dominion Systems is suing Fox News, Giuliani and Powell. Fox has already replaced some of its on air personalities and others have apologized for not verifying the facts stated by Trump, Giuliani, Powell and others before broadcasting. If they in fact have all this mass amount of proof of voter fraud it would seem to me, they would be eager to (show it in) court. 

Trump at his rallies encouraged his supporters to vote by mail and then go to the polls and vote — by doing as he suggested, they would be committing voter fraud.

Citizen Trump is out of office because of his own actions. He may be in jeopardy by some of his followers like the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, QAnon, the 3% and others because he lied to them and failed to back them in the legal charges against them for the Jan. 6 Capitol invasion. The courts are coming after him for other charges. It is likely his future home will be a jail cell.

As for the Republican members of Congress who supported voter fraud claims, I don’t know their motives but I sure (hope they are) smart enough to know the claims are not valid.

Perhaps they can answer these Republican actions by their counterparts. In California, setting out illegal ballot drop boxes. Texas governor limiting one ballot drop box per county. The governor, not the state legislature ordered this it appears to be voter suppression. Republican operatives created three phantom Democrat candidates to draw votes away from legally running Democrats, giving their Republican an election edge. Certainly, a criminal act.

David Veal

Santa Clarita

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