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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

With Earth Day this week, sustainability is top-of-mind. As a rancher, I am proud that I provide both high-quality beef for consumers today, and maintain the land to provide a better future for generations to come. 

We believe that being a better rancher means being a better steward of the land. At Diamond W Ranch, the principles we employ for better forage production for our cattle also facilitate important benefits like increased wildlife diversity and reduced erosion. Because of cattle grazing, we have become more drought- and wildfire-resistant. Not only does caring for our animals and the land give us a great deal of satisfaction, but also it provides important environmental and economic services, too. Our cattle have allowed us to take land that would otherwise remain unused and turn it into a protein source for humans. 

This type of ingenuity and resourcefulness is practiced by farmers and ranchers all over the country. 

I’m committed to continuous improvement so we can produce the beef consumers know and love, while preserving our natural resources. It’s a practice that will allow us to continue living off this land, generation after generation. 

Mike and Lynda Williams

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