Mike Gertler | Disappointed by Letters’ Rhetoric

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

This is in response to two letters from this past week: I must say I am disappointed in the voices that The Signal chose to publish this past week. While I myself tend to lean heavily Democratic, I’ve always been happy to accept good, fact-based opinions and ideas from any part of the political spectrum. And you’re doing the Republican Party (they’re the other major party, not my enemy by name) a disservice by publishing the thoughts of people that simply are not fact-based, and can be nothing but inflammatory and counterproductive. In one week I read the following:

In “Who Is Running The Zoo”: In response to Major League Baseball and Bed, Bath and Beyond making business-based decisions, which they are FREE to do, the writer says, “Whatever happened to the right to pursue freedom and happiness and run your own business… without political interference?” This begs the questions of HOW is what these companies did not “pursuing freedom” here, and which of these two companies is not running their own business? 

Regarding Bed, Bath and Beyond specifically, it’s written that the “corporate slugs” decision to ban My Pillow was “trivial” and “childish.” Really? The owner of My Pillow is still spouting falsehoods about an election that was “stolen,” despite 60-plus court cases saying otherwise, and zero proof. Maybe Bed, Bath and Beyond would like to have a country to sell their products to, instead of supporting liars who choose to engulf this country in flames just to try to stay in power.  

In “The Left Always Has An Excuse”: The title of the letter itself is truly divisive, I would have hoped you might steer away from something like that.

He writes, “We are told to be silent…..then told conservatives shouldn’t even exist. This is evidence that most of our First Amendment rights are being rejected by politicians.”  

No. 1: Evidence? Where? No. 2: “Most of your rights are being rejected.” Where is your proof that MOST of your rights are being rejected? If you’re speaking of the lack of transparency by the Joe Biden administration regarding the border/immigration, yes, I suppose that despite the administration just starting to get their hands around the situation, they really should have let reporters in. But that does not equate to “most of your First Amendment rights being rejected.” It’s this kind of “absolutism” that is killing our country. Just say Biden is wrong on this issue. Don’t put out baseless broad statements. 

Here’s another: “A monumental detriment is occurring every minute with the nearly erased southern border.” Listen, immigration is messed up big-time and has been for a long time. But the southern border is not “nearly erased.” If you want to contribute to positive dialogue, it would be best if it was a fact-based one.

And how about, “The media seems to be fine with this hushing and ignoring, as their actions, or lack of, show.” That is just not true. The “MSM,” from CNN on down, has been quite critical of the Biden administration’s lack of transparency here. If one looked, they saw that. Instead, the author hopes he can just “say stuff” and people will take it as the gospel because he’s on “their team.”

As an American, I’m tired of that mindset from people on either side, including “mine.” Exhausted, frankly.                                                                   

Mike Gertler 


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