Norma Lindemann | Are Our Souls Becoming Impoverished?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

When I see all the conflict in the world I can’t help but think, what a waste. We waste our time in arguments, criticisms, jealousy, violence and anger, and considering our short time on Earth, what a waste this is. Life is a precious gift not to be wasted but to be used judiciously and preciously.

We also waste the power of our hearts to love, to forgive, praise, to show compassion, and I fear our souls are becoming impoverished. And the precious materials that we have been granted to make our lives what they are, are wasted so much in a throwaway society. I wonder what’s to become of us. Will this ever change? When will we stop wasting? Will it ever end?

Sadly, in 92 years I’ve seen little sign of this happening. I have always hoped this pandemic might help us realize our many strengths, gifts and blessings and how we could use them to benefit others, but to also recognize our own shortcomings and ways in which we can change for the better not only as individuals but also as a society. 

I do have hope, especially when I see on TV young people doing amazing things, such as organizing ways to help the homeless or taking a stand, finding ways to curb injustices in the world. As was said many years ago by one who loved children, “A little child shall lead them.” I hope we can take the example of these children to become better people and a better society where we can see the original divinity in each other, realize we originate from one source and live in love and harmony on this small planet.                                                                   

Norma Lindemann 


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