Richard Myers | No, the Virus Isn’t Political

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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I just read “Success, Freedom and Strength?” a rant by Rob Kerchner published April 4. He says the virus has run its course and was only ever a threat to a statistically tiny few elderly folks in their 80s. He should ask the loved ones of those tiny few who have died how they feel about it.  The virus has run its course? Where does he get his facts…Disneyland?

The virus is not political but Rob thinks it is. He complains about “forced masks, endless vaccines, and ridiculous rules” and he probably thinks Joe Biden and the Democrats are seeking political advantage with it.

When I think that Mr. Kerchner really believes this stuff it takes my breath away, and I want to assure him that the Earth is not flat and that the Democrats are not trying to push him over the edge.

Richard Myers


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