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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Having seized power with both hands, Anthony Fauci is not about to let go. For years he was just another government functionary pretty much without a function. Now, he believes that he is finally in his rightful place, telling Americans what to think about this virus and how to react to it — or else. 

Wrong. He is still just another government functionary. He is another of the thousands of bureaucrats who are allowed to make regulations that have the power of law without having been elected by anybody and having no accountability to the people. 

For decades Americans have let these bureaucrats determine what we can do with private property, how much gas should be allowed in our cars and how much water in our toilets and thousands of other asinine restrictions to the freedoms we once enjoyed as having been bestowed by our Creator. Laws are supposed to be the purview of the Congress alone and yet not only do we have the Supreme Court making up laws through questionable decisions and the president making law by fiat, we have a few thousand bureaucrats who have grabbed the power to force their will upon a people that used to be free. 

Why exactly is it that bureaucrats like Fauci are taking nearly half a million tax dollars in salaries, or any salary at all, while millions have lost their jobs to the tyranny of his bureaucracy? Why are we being forced to obey the dictates of this person, or any person whom we have not asked to serve the public by electing him (or her, a la Barbara Ferrer)? Even after a number of studies have begun to show that all the draconian restrictions including masks and lockdowns are not only ineffective, but also have harmed the citizens of this nation in ways that will never be repaired, we still bow to the power of the bureaucrats in government. Instead of rejoicing that we can be living as free Americans as our founders guaranteed, and letting people return to those lives, we are told we have not yet lost enough of our freedoms to satisfy the hunger for power inherent in every politician.

The proof is there for all to see. This is (like) the flu. It is ugly and devastating, but it is survivable by almost anybody who gets it unless they belong to a few specific groups of vulnerable souls. People die of a lot of illnesses, accidents or foul play. This virus will be with us from now on just as with the flu. Some people will die when they get it just as some will die from other viruses or from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, kidney or other organ diseases or for merely having worn out their lives through poor life choices, abuse of some sort or just because it is time to go. Does that mean we should alter the very existence that has been the envy of people throughout the world? Does it mean we should cower in our basements in fear of getting too near another person and covering our faces like criminals lest we breathe on someone and pass on a virus we don’t even have? 

Why are perfectly healthy people told to wear masks at all? Why are we being told we cannot even hold the hands of those we cherish while they die because of the danger to us and others should we somehow contract this virus by proximity to the dying? 

Instead of acting rationally, we have turned the fear of this virus into a religion based on little more than political dictates and guesses by unelected bureaucrats. Those who disagree are treated like ignorant or naughty children, or even as felons. Some have lost jobs or been heavily fined for refusing to bow to the tyranny while others follow the restrictions with a fevered faith that government knows best.

Former President Ronald Reagan was right that freedom is only a single generation away from being lost. Is this that generation? Will the Faucis of this century be the reason America lost its precious liberty to ignorance, fear and the politicization of a virus? 

We had all better hope not.

We had all better PRAY not.

Rob Kerchner


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