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SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

Today’s Washington, D.C., has become the American version of China’s Ming Dynasty’s Forbidden City. 

A series of new Forbidden Cities have appeared along the southern United States border. Mexican drug cartels are collecting $14 million a day from engaging in human and drug trafficking. 

Most shocking is the plight of multiple thousands of young children who are not traveling with parents or families. 

Permanent facilities are massively overcrowded. Shipping containers have become holding cells.

Investigators are turning their attention to Washington, D.C., where in the dead of night the Capitol Dome has been taken down and replaced by an Ivory Tower. Concerned reporters have been kept from inspecting the new construction. Entry is limited to the ruling elite. 

The president is shielded from the ignorant masses. The grounds are surrounded by fencing topped with razor wire. Troops are manning the fences and homeless encampments are being encouraged along the perimeter. “We the People” are being denied access to the People’s House. 

For one, the American people will not learn of the seemingly abusive environment being put into place and managed by the Joe Biden administration. The truth is out there but the taxpayer is aggressively being kept in the dark until a favorable unveiling can be staged. 

We are to be silent, and if we dare inquire or criticize, then we are labeled by the media and politicians as zealots, then told conservatives shouldn’t even exist. 

This is evidence that most of our First Amendment rights are being rejected by politicians.

A monumental detriment is occurring every minute with the nearly erased southern border. The Biden administration has a gag order on the border agents while our legislators and press have been denied access to the detention centers holding about 20,000 children at last reporting. 

The media seems to be fine with this hushing and ignoring, as their actions, or lack of, show.

There are situations of at least three areas that were intended for 33 children but they are housing 400 to 500-plus children each. In conflict with the few facts and photos that have been smuggled out of the southern border cities, House Leader Nancy Pelosi, in a press conference, declared that the Biden administration “has this situation under control.” 

Clearly, they do not. 

If that declaration is the truth, then why all the secrecy? It’s an environment where willful ignorance seems to be running rampant among the leftist politicians, liberal politicians and the media.

One can imagine a press conference where a reporter would confront leader Pelosi and tell her that these children are existing in dire, critical dangerous conditions, due to this administration’s failures, and she would defensively rebut with, say, “Let them eat Haagen-Dazs.” 

That, of course, referencing her public display in November 2020 of her freezer packed with pricey ice cream.

Alluding to Marie Antoinette’s “Let them eat cake” has long been an example of the disconnect with the ruling elite regarding the plight of the people. 

Leftist-Democrats have long proclaimed themselves the protectors of the masses. 

The results of their policies have consistently proven to be the opposite. They offer nothing new and are compelled to rewrite history to hide the truth.

For another example, under the COVID-19 pandemic, the suffering of the poor and the small business owners and their employees has been multiplied by leftist-Democrat shutdown policies to purportedly control the spread. In the states that remained open, they had similar or lesser spread of COVID-19, and not nearly the devastating economic impact.

President Biden, with great compassion, proclaimed that soon, all who want a vaccination will be able to have one. 

With nearly all Americans vaccinated, on July 4 it may be possible for you to have a backyard barbecue with a select few guests, all of whom have been vaccinated, wearing masks and observing social distancing. 

Well, just maybe. 

Circumstances can easily change. He went on to say that some restrictions can be removed in a year. Well, just maybe.

It seems the dreams of our leftist-elite leadership are being met with COVID-19 and its variants forever. For those who desire power it is a great excuse for exercising that power. 

For the Agenda 21 believers, it reduces the blight of humanity upon the Earth.

The White House is releasing COVID-infected (extremely limited testing) undocumented immigrants, mostly children, to travel throughout the United States. Many are being sent to the Canadian border as super spreaders of good will to our friends to the north. The ivory tower is feeling exceptionally good about itself.

The solution: “Let them eat Haagen-Dazs.” 

After all, remember that all problems and political failures can be easily resolved by proclaiming, “It’s Trump’s fault!”

Stephen Smith is a Santa Clarita resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among local Republicans.

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