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Letters to the Editor
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I just read Mr. Mike Gertler’s letter to the editor (April 22) on the lack of a fact basis for some of the recent letters from right-wing contributors. He pointed out that blaming the government for the decision of Major League Baseball to move the all-star game, and Bed. Bath, and Beyond declining to sell My Pillow products, is flawed. These are not government entities, but rather private businesses, which conservatives previously would have supported without argument.

My concerns about the lack of a factual basis for many conservative voices in The Signal are probably a short-term issue. I saw that a Monmouth University poll had reported that 43% of Republicans, 22% of independents and 5% of Democrats have indicated that they will not be vaccinated. If true, most of the low-IQ readers of The Signal will be infected with COVID-19. 

That is unfortunate. But Darwin’s theories still apply.

Thomas Oatway


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