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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Leftists are pushing a notion that anyone who thinks the 2020 election had issues is guilty of “The Big Lie.” The left loves to mock and scorn anyone who has the temerity to question the 2020 election because it covers for their suspect behavior. They make absurd claims about it being the most secure election in history. People who have questioned this laughable claim have even been called traitors. Worse than Hitler! Using their warped logic, we are not allowed to question an election because doing so is harmful to the fabric of the republic. 

 But what of their history embracing “The Big Lie”? The 2000 election was hotly contested in Florida. The country went a month without a president-elect because Democrats’ zest to contest the election. We had the spectacle of hanging chads and armies of lawyers descending on Florida so much so that their effort to overturn the election didn’t fail until the Supreme Court stepped in and declared George Bush the winner of Florida. Rightly so, it turns out, although there are still some who foolishly believe in the year 2000 Big Lie and that Al Gore really won.

Jump forward to 2004. In that election, Bush again won in a close race. In that election the Democrats once again disputed the outcome. They claimed voter suppression, purging of voters, and problems with voter registration that should have caused their guy, John Kerry, to win the election. They claimed voter machines in Ohio were hacked, a laughable claim in light of today’s dispute. In Congress, Democrats rose up to contest the election, sans accusations of sedition from Republicans in the exact same manner Republicans did this year. For eight years, Bush was an illegitimate president. Only recently have they embraced him because of his critique of President Donald Trump. Foolishly enough, Bush has not learned the lesson that the left will only use you if you are useful. Once you’re not useful, then they will turn on you. See Mitt Romney as example of this concept. 

 And finally, 2016. Never before in the history of sore losers have we seen what we saw. The day after the election the impeachment effort began. Democrats contested the election in several states. There was an effort to get electors to change their vote, for the good of the country, of course. Recounts were demanded. Foreign interference was claimed. Maxine Waters objected to the vote in Wyoming, a state Trump won by 40 points. Was this not a big lie? Hillary Clinton claimed the election was stolen and that Trump was illegitimate. A big lie, no? The left even wanted to amend the Constitution, eliminating the Electoral College. And of course, the biggest of Big Lies, Russian collusion. A story made up out of thin air by the Clinton campaign to take America’s eyes off her own scandals. For four years the left tortured this country with their whining, fabrications and delusional behavior when it came to Trump. 

 Contesting elections is as old as our republic. The first recorded election dispute was in 1789. Several presidential elections have been disputed, but only with the left are their wins carved in stone while our wins are always suspect and worthy of vigorous dispute. The fact that they stole the term “Big Lie” from Hitler himself says much. They forget or are ignorant of the fact that he used it as a propaganda technique. 

 The Democrats have not conceded a presidential loss since 1988, 33 years ago. But when it’s someone else’s turn to contest an election, they steal a line from Hitler and reintroduce the concept of the Big Lie. However, like many things the left accuses us of, they are far more guilty of perpetuating the Big Lie. It’s our responsibility to call them out on their hypocrisy. The concept only has power if we allow it. 

So the next time someone invokes this silly charge, remind them of their long history in engaging in Big Lies. Then tell them to pound sand. It is our right to contest elections just as it’s their right and we cannot allow them the high ground on this issue nor can we allow them to distort the process with outrageous charges of treason or, more comically coming from them, charges of being unpatriotic.

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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