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Have you ever looked at the toys kids have these days and thought, “wow, where was that when I was growing up?” I do. I see kids with Lego sets that build Star Wars spaceships with all the perfectly shaped parts and remember that when I was a kid all I had were the blocks that came in primary colors and were just squares. All you could really build were block houses, block trees and block people to sit on a block bench. I don’t just feel that way about toys, I feel that way about school too. I went to college to get my degree before the personal computer was on everyone’s desk and I marvel at how much easier it is to write papers and research when you study online.

Gone are the days of trudging to the college library, looking for the same book as the other 30 people in your class and hoping it has everything you need to know because you don’t have time to look for others. Getting a college degree is much easier today. With online resources, you can access almost any knowledge you need from journals (now liberated from being in the forbidden reference section where you had to put your watch on deposit to borrow a book) to assignment help experts. Most colleges even have online links to their special collections for students so you can all access the material at the same time and get the information you need.

Not only does the ability to study online give you the chance to get all your facts and research done quickly, it also allows you to get assignments from professors and communicate with them on a personal basis. In the Stone Age when I was in college, that was done by making an appointment during office hours. Now you can send an email at your leisure to clarify an assignment and your professor can answer at his or her convenience.

Getting a college degree will still require effort and study, but the increased speed, accessibility and communication all enhance your efforts to complete your tasks. Then, you’ll have time to play with some of those really cool Lego sets.

The Benefits of Online Learning

Every day had a normal ebb and flow in the past. People got up as soon as the sun rose and went to work until it became too hot. Then they’d feed and spend time with their families while the sun set, and when it did, they went to bed. Then came the invention of the light bulb, and nature has been on the decline ever since.

The bicycle, which got everyone deliver quicker, the convenience store, which remained open all night, TV and movie marathons, and finally the computer and the internet – a light show that worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are some drawbacks of learning online for people pursuing a college degree.

Because of the added versatility it provides, taking a class online is ideal for someone who works during the day. If you practice through the day, you will come home and read your assignments at night, ensuring that you submit your homework on time. This key benefit of online college education has given many working people who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to earn a degree the opportunity to do so.

The provision of dedicated web space and chat rooms has encouraged students to collaborate in groups, even though they live far apart or have different schedules, as internet technology has advanced. Email and chat features enable people from all over the world to exchange information, work on projects, and even research together. People from all around the world now enroll in class and get the same bachelor’s degree. Students can be more diverse and engage more as they research online.

It’s possible that I’ve lost touch with how things can be done naturally. But, as someone who wants to go to the gym in the afternoon and go online at night, all I can think is, “Thank God for the light bulb!”

Effective Online Study

Like many others, I have cats in my house. To be more accurate, I am owned by cats who allow me to feed them and pay the mortgage so they can live here.  One of the best things about cats is the sleek and stunning way they get around. They can flip in the air, land on their paws and stretch their body as they lay in the sun so that their paws go one direction and their head goes the other.  That just looks like it feels so good. Of course the key to cats is the flexible spine which allows them to rotate in all kinds of directions with grace and poise.  Flexibility is the great advantage of online study when getting a college degree.  Don’t take that flexibility for granted, though. There is a big difference between a cat’s spine and boneless chicken.

Effective online study involves dedication to the process of the course over the scheduled time.  Many courses will list times or dates by which a chapter or online session must be completed. Keep a written calendar of those dates like a syllabus or set your online calendar to send you notices when those dates are due.  Even though lectures are there on the screen for you to read, print them out and highlight the parts that are most important, just like you would a textbook. The point isn’t just to check off the boxes and get through the class, the point is to learn from it.

No one gets a college degree in a vacuum and you will be expected to participate in online groups, chat sessions and emails sharing project objectives and completions.  Make sure to always follow the rules of group etiquette and behavior. The safety of being behind a computer keyboard can lead some to act in ways they generally wouldn’t. Avoid procrastination, especially in sections where group work is involved. Accountability is an important trait to learn when getting your degree.

Follow up and follow through and you will discover the flexibility of online study can be an effective and efficient way to get your degree and land on your own two feet.

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