How to start promoting a brand on Instagram from scratch


Today social media platforms are on the edge of everything blooming like never before. Services and apps like Instagram are capable enough of making anything popular in a day. These new advantages changed the way marketing used to work. 

Instagram reports about 1 billion monthly active users, so you can get some great exposure on the platform as a personal brand or a company. 

If you are taking your very first steps on marketing your business or brand on Instagram, it is important to have some background knowledge of techniques and strategies for running your first campaign. Here are a few tips you must follow to start promoting your brand from scratch successfully.

Content Strategy

First of all, create a content strategy for your profile. Once you have created a business profile on Instagram, the role of content will be of utmost importance.

Many still wholeheartedly believe that posting tons of photos, IGTV videos, and reels related to their industry will take them to success. We can see accounts like this in many sectors producing too much of everything and drowning their efforts in their own pool of photos and videos. Obviously, just posting it should not be your only task.

You have to make sure that the content you upload helps your audience with their problems. It is also important to be clear on the timeline for posting, image quality, and style. Only then your crowd will find your posts useful and interact with them for their own good bringing you the desired engagement and loyalty.

A proper content strategy will not only result in making your wall better but will give your page a better rank on Instagram. By strategy, we are referring to a lot of things. For example, doing hashtag research can actually help you in promoting your post across thousands of Instagrammers. Fuse the hashtags which work best in your sector with the most popular ones to make your posts visited from different communities. 

The more visitors you get, the more likes and comments they put on your posts. But if you feel you don’t get enough you can always buy your likes from Krootez by the link. Users of Instagram are more likely to engage on posts with a lot of likes no matter if these are organic or paid. One thing about this is don’t let it make you play this game all the time. 

Finding a sunny place on social media with your content is a path of wins and losses so be prepared to log both your failures and wins. 

So, that’s with content strategy.

Link Up Other Platforms

The second tip for promoting your brand on Instagram is to stay consistent and take the help of other platforms also.

Nobody would argue the fact of Instagram is taking the leading place among the rest of nowadays’ social media platforms. But it would be a shame to underestimate the possibilities offered by other media. Despite Instagram’s monumental powers, any brand needs to settle on all the major networks and then link up all the accounts to use as one marketing tool. Building up your audience on multiple platforms will turn gold for your promotion in the end.

In case you came to this point having a few hundred or even thousands of subscribers on other platforms, taking the best of it by promoting your Instagram posts there is not at all a bad idea. In fact, that will just bring more and more people to your page. 

Other than this, if you are creating content concerning a particular industry, then tagging some of its giants would also be a great idea. Nowadays, this is one of the trending things to do. People often tag brands to grab their attention. Doing a trick like this can give a good chance to catch the eye of the audience of these brands thus help people grow their Instagram following

Honestly, this technique can really be very helpful to some extent as you can turn more successful in building your crowd with it. And what is more important, if the brand is attracted towards your content, then there’s a great chance of focusing a spotlight on your story. This is how you can attract more visitors to your brand’s narrative.

This particular point can be viewed in multiple ways depending on the type of brand you promote. 

Assume that you are a blogger or an influencer and the brand you are promoting is nothing but your name. In this case, if your content has the power to attract some big brands, then they may start to collaborate with you on a regular basis. Suppose it goes well, and then in the near future not only you grow your business in numbers, but also have a good chance to become their ambassador. There are plenty of true stories like these and therefore, that’s a great idea to follow.

More importantly, nowadays brands are also trying their best to engage with their audience. So, it can work for you.

Engagement is the key

The third way to promote your brand is to create a lot of user-generated content. Creating posts which not only attract the users but base them on the users somehow, also helps to build your marketing in a completely different way.

For example, if you are a smartphone brand, then posting pictures of customers who actually buy your product would turn out good for engagement. Steps like this also help to build a bridge between the human part behind the brand’s name and the customers as regular people. Real users and their pictures will not only make your existing customers happy but also encourage others to buy your products. 

Similarly, if your customers are facing some issue with one of your products then you can help them on Instagram itself.

Nowadays, as a part of the trend, customers do not hesitate to reach out to the brand on social media. You will find plenty of them commenting on your posts and getting in touch with you in the direct messages section. Replying to them itself can help you as better customer service, so will automatically and immediately result in upscaling your growth. As your clients are happy, they will surely refer your brand to others.

Similarly, if you are an author, then asking your readers to post a picture of themselves with your book for a repost, can be a great idea. Doing it this way may help you increase Instagram followers cheap and easy by growing your engagement and visibility.

As a summary, we may call this section a key to a better interaction because one of the essential and key things you must focus on while marketing your brand on social media is growing engagement. May it be Instagram or any other platform – the difference is not that big because the concept of reaching a wider audience is the same or very similar on all of them.

Collaborate With Influencers

The last but not the least thing we need to draw some light on is influencer marketing. 

Yet working with influencers is still a new practice for many, it has been an essential and one of the most efficient ways to promote business online for a few recent years.

In this case, the biggest challenge for you will be finding the most relevant influencer because not all of them would turn out to be the best fit for what you are promoting. 

It is also important to check the background of the Instagrammer you’d like to collaborate with. While one will do their part by turning on their imagination with great enthusiasm, another may grab your money or an exclusive product you provide and just run. Even the influencers with huge hundreds of thousands of followers may not give you the expected result because the big numbers obviously don’t mean honesty here. 

Filing an agreement creates some sort of protection but it’s better not to bet too much on it. Most know that taking expenses of starting a lawsuit would not cover your small deals.

The biggest thing here is to figure out a set of tools you can use to see clearly if the campaign is a win or a loss, to understand its worth and value. Some track their success with the number of new followers, unique website visitors, likes, comments, and similar metrics. I have found pairing UTM links plus google analytics with an excel file with unique shortened URLs to track click backs works for me the best.

Despite all the above difficulties, Influencer marketing is a relatively cheap and quick shortcut to getting in touch with a wide audience for any brand or business.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is a leader of the modern platforms for mobile visual Internet of user-generated content. Their app is free to download from both Apple’s AppStore and Google Play for Android-based devices. All the innovations and tools the platform offers can turn an inexperienced beginner into a content expert during a relatively short time. Everything you need for a change like that is a phone with a good camera and practice. No need to say these opportunities have attracted millions of users and therefore raised a new Eden for marketing products, services, and brands.

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