Marybelle Knight | In Defense of Water Rate Changes

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

As a former property manager in the Santa Clarita Valley, I paid countless water bills for owners throughout the valley and often wondered why the Newhall County Water District owners had much higher bills than the other water companies.

Was it because their infrastructure was aging and needed upgrading sooner? 

It seems that now that the water companies all operate under one umbrella, they are trying to even out the playing field and bring the others up to the level that Newhall has paid for decades.

Terry Kanakri (letters, April 29) does not have the background to address the subject without the knowledge of having paid a myriad of water company bills in Santa Clarita for several decades. 

Should Santa Clarita Water District customers skate by with less percentage of the total bill when they are, in fact, the producers of much more stress on our water resources with their intense building requiring more infrastructure, adding pipelines, etc., for each new home built than the older, smaller, more stable population of Newhall?

Instead of being unduly upset, Valencia customers should be relieved the rest of us are not asking to be reimbursed for the many years we subsided their growth.

Marybelle Knight


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