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Letters to the Editor
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I understand why news sources outside our valley get confused, but why does The Signal have to follow in lockstep? 

The North Fire of April 28 clearly started in Castaic, but spread to the east. All the residential areas evacuated were in the Valencia area of Santa Clarita. 

It would have been helpful if your articles online and in print were more accurate about locations.

Patrick Comey

Santa Clarita

Editor’s note: Our coverage correctly noted that the fire started in Castaic and spread, prompting the evacuations of “nearby homes and businesses,” including those on the multiple specific streets listed in the main story. Further, the very first line of our evacuation story read as follows: “Ash and water from firefighting aircraft fell on the families of Castaic and northern Valencia, as many had to flee or defend their homes after the North Fire endangered their streets and cul de sacs Wednesday.”

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