What Are the Advantages of Taking an Online Sports Journalism Degree?


Getting into sports journalism isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and anything you can do that will raise you up above your competition should be done. You’ll need to think carefully about all the different aspects of how to do this and take it upon yourself to make the most of your career. The last thing you’ll want to do is be held back and forgotten about because you haven’t put the effort in.

One option that would be open to most people is to look at sports journalism degrees. By obtaining a good qualification, you can show that you are better than a lot of others and that you are willing to work hard and do more than most. Yet trying to take on a degree when you are also working and perhaps raising a family or enjoying a social life – or maybe all of these things together – would be all but impossible. Stepping out of the sports journalism sector for any reason, even to study to become a better journalist, would immediately put you behind.

This is why an online sports journalism degree is the best option. Read on to find out why this is the route you should go down and how it can help you – there are many advantages to applying.


One of the most significant advantages to taking online sports journalism degrees is the flexibility it will afford you. Most courses will allow you to start at a time that suits you, but even those that have a specific starting date for the course will give you plenty of flexibility throughout the course as well. Think about which option is going to work best for you, and that will help you determine which sports journalism degree to apply for.

Once you have obtained a place on any sports journalism degree, you can learn at your own pace. This suits many people very well, much more than traditional learning in some cases. If you have more time one week, you can do more work, and if you have less time due to work or other commitments, you can do a little less. This means you can fit your study in with your life and not have to fit your life around your studies. Not only is this better for your mental health and wellbeing, but it means you are much more likely to stick with the sports journalism degree you have chosen because you can work on it as and when you are able to. It’s a commitment, but it’s a flexible one, and that makes a huge difference.

If you opted for a brick-and-mortar college, this flexibility would not be possible. The sports journalism degrees would start and end at specific times, and the assignment deadlines, as well as the classes themselves, would be much more rigid. For those with other commitments, attending a college like this would be impossible – working online means that it can be done.

Lower Costs

As well as the time needed to study for a sports journalism degree, another important aspect to consider is the cost. It can cost many thousands of dollars to attend a traditional school, so only very few people can really take advantage of this level of education. Even if the course itself is affordable, the fact that you would have to take time off work (thus losing money) and pay for transport or accommodation, as well as food, could mean the final cost makes the entire thing prohibitive.

When you choose an online sports journalism degree instead, these costs aren’t something you need to think about. It’s true there will still be a cost for the course itself, but that cost will be lower than at a traditional school since the overheads are lower and less profit is needed. You’re already saving money by going online, but add to this the fact that you won’t have to stop work or even reduce your hours and you won’t have to pay for fuel or public transport and so on, and you can see how it’s a much cheaper option. It means that obtaining a sports journalism degree is something many more people can do, allowing them to enjoy their careers in the way they want to and to get ahead of their competition.

A Comfortable Learning Environment

If you ask most people to describe a traditional learning environment, you would probably be given a picture of students in a lecture hall sitting in rows and taking notes as a professor talks to them. Maybe there’s some kind of media involved, such as a video or some images, but that’s about it. For some, this is ideal. It’s exactly how they love to learn, and it works well with the way they are able to retain information. Listening carefully and making notes is something that is certainly tried and tested over the years.

However, it’s important to remember that not everyone is able to learn in the same way, and many recent studies have shown that there are lots of different learning methods and environments that suit different individuals and their personalities. So, what would work best for you? If the idea of gaining a sports journalism degree to help you move forward in your career is definitely something you want to do, but you aren’t comfortable with the traditional way of learning, an online degree is the ideal solution. Signing up for an online course means that you can work in the comfort of your own home, in a place that you feel happy and confident in. If this is how your learning method works best, then it’s entirely open to you.

Geographic Flexibility

We’ve talked about the general flexible nature of the sports journalism degrees you can find online, but we’ve only talked about this idea in terms of the work itself and how it can fit in with your everyday life. What we’ve not yet mentioned, but what is extremely important to consider, is the geographic flexibility that an online degree can give you. In other words, it really doesn’t matter where you live (and sometimes that includes the country you live in); you can apply for an online degree and study from home.

If you think about the more traditional ways of learning through a college, this would not be possible unless you were happy to relocate in order to attend. With a family and a career and other responsibilities, this would be a big decision to make, and often it would be one that didn’t make any sense. So instead of taking a degree at the school of their choice, they would have to pick a college close to home to make it work. If that college didn’t offer as good an education or the range of courses that they were looking for, they might decide to give up on the idea altogether.

With an online sports journalism degree, you can search around until you find a course that suits your needs and that covers all the things you want it to cover. It doesn’t matter where you are because the course will be online, and you will be studying and working from home. This opens up the choice of degree courses hugely, and it means that you never have to give up on working towards obtaining a qualification and pushing yourself above everyone else in your field.

Career Advancement

Perhaps you are already working in the sports journalism industry. Maybe you feel you have done all you can and gone as far as possible with the skills and knowledge you have gained through experience, and it’s time to do something more if you want to move forward and advance your career. It could even be that you have seen jobs you would like to apply for, jobs that pay more and offer a more exciting day-to-day working life, but you can’t because you don’t have the qualifications you need to be considered.

This is where a sports journalism degree will help you. When you take the time to learn online and gain the qualifications you need, you can then apply for any job you want to. Having a degree in sports journalism to write on your resume makes a big difference, and it will impress potential employers too. Not only can they see that you have the knowledge required, but you can also show that you are dedicated to the sector – why else would you apply for a sports journalism degree and put the hard work in if this wasn’t something you had an interest in?

The fact that you can learn at your own pace and in your own home means that you can really make the most of both your career and any additional qualifications you choose to work towards. You don’t have to make any compromises.

Improve Your Technical Skills

Although the degree you are studying is clearly important if you are using it to advance your career or change to a new one, or even if you are doing it for enjoyment and to learn more about something you’re interested in, it’s not everything. That’s because a good online degree will also teach you plenty of additional technical skills and improve the ones you already have. When you sign up for a sports journalism degree, you will learn plenty more than just sports journalism, and those new and improved skills can help you in your everyday life as well as your career and your studies.

The additional technical skills you will learn include:

Knowing how to utilize all of these important things in your life will enhance that life in every way. The more you can learn, the more chances you’ll have to gain skills.

Increased Instructor/Student Time

One of the issues with traditional learning is that there are so many people taking part in it compared to the number of professors or lecturers there are. This means that students won’t have much chance for any one-to-one discussion time with their instructors, even if the class itself is informative. It’s always good to have the opportunity to ask more questions to gain a deeper insight and to show your tutor that you know what you’re doing or have some ideas about their subject, including sports journalism degrees.

When studying online, this will work in a different way. Every student will have plenty of chance to get in touch with their professor or teacher, and any questions they might have will be answered, and any insights acknowledged. You might not be face to face with your professors during sports journalism degrees online, but you will still get the benefit of their knowledge and experience, often to a greater depth than if you were sitting in a lecture hall listening to them speak.

Take Another Look

One of the best and most useful things when taking an online sports journalism degree is that every piece of information will be kept online, often in a portal or platform which the student can log into when they need to learn. Why is this a good thing? It’s because you can go back and re-visit any class, video, slideshow, or document that you want to, giving you a much more well-rounded learning experience. You don’t have to rush to take notes and understand things the first time around; you can watch or listen or read them again and again, helping you to truly get the most out of what you are learning.

This is certainly an advantage over traditional college learning. You get to experience the class initially, and then you can go back whenever you need to, even months down the line, even after other degree modules have taken place. This will help you to learn as much as possible in a way that works for you.


It’s obvious that online sports journalism degrees have a number of benefits over traditional college degrees, and they will ensure that as many people as possible can undertake learning when they want to to enhance their lives and boost their careers.

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