Arthur Saginian | Bizarre Yet Familiar Perspective

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Richard La Motte isn’t the only person who can’t get his head around Gary Horton’s bizarre yet familiar perspective. 

Arguing with people like Mr. Horton is not only an exercise in futility, it also can lead to illness, and that is why I do not engage with such people. It’s not worth the effort because the only thing that is accomplished is that your head is pounding and you feel like throwing up.

My policy is to let them rant and rave. Those who can think rationally will not be swayed by them, and who can’t are beyond reach anyway. Just choose which one you are and hold your ground despite their ridiculous proclamations and accusations. The worst thing anyone can do to people like Gary Horton is to ignore them. The best way to silence someone like that is to deprive them of an audience, thereby neutralizing their voice.

As for how you’re feeling at the moment, take two aspirins, drink plenty of fluids, and get some rest.

Arthur G. Saginian

Santa Clarita 

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